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"Our organization, Samay Surgical, derives its name from the Sanskrit word 'samay' (समय), which means the appointed or proper time - the right moment for doing anything. This philosophy is reflected in our work, as we believe in investing time up-front in developing systems and processes that promote long-term growth and sustainability."

“The Ultimate Orthopedic Implants Solution
  • Always Deliver less than expected time
  • 24×7 Faster response
  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • Cost effective
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Product Compatibility

To ensure patient safety, refer to the package insert or other accompanying product information.

Latest Technology

Empowerment of individuals has taken the front stage and could achieve more by working together.

Inhouse Total Operation

Equipment making is a highly developed craft and the craftspeople who make SAMAY SURGICAL

Excellent Service

Samay Surgical is committed to provide best quality product in time at affordable rates with modern technological solution.

Zero Defect Products

Quality of the products is maintained by adopting QMS system as per ISO 13485 system.

Quality and Reliability

To provide outstanding quality comparable to internationally recognized Surgical Implants that are reliable & safe during operation.

Our Specialities

Experience the art of manufacturing with our specialties, where precision and innovation unite to create exceptional products that set the standard for quality and performance.

Plate System

We at Samay surgical Manufacture the various bone plate as appropriate to various anatomic sites and the loads to which they will be subjected. The holes in the plates may be designed for locking screw, non locking screw or designed to facilitate dynamic compression.

We have a wide range of bone plate as follow.

Nail System

We constantly built upon our legacy of continuous design enhancements to ensure that our trusted portfolio meets your needs today and in the future with category-leading technology intuitive instrumentation and market-leading support, We bring you the complete nailing portfolio you can trust.

External Fixator

The Samay Surgical External Fixators is developed to addressed the complexity, lengthiness and potentially excessive costs associated with external fixation procedures. Our portfolio of external fixator are versatile, efficient and ready for your next challenge.

Instruments Sets

We have a finest quality surgical instruments and accessories. We are the ultimate medical & surgical instrument source whether you are the purchasing as a agent for a large hospital or the only doctor in a small town clinic.

Our Product Catalogue

Explore our diverse product catalog and experience the versatility of our product range

Our Latest News

Stay informed and up-to-date with our latest news, where we share valuable insights, industry trends, and company updates to keep you in the know.

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