Instruments Set

Maxilloficial Single Slot Instruments Set

Product Description

Code Name
IS038-01 Screw Driver Slotted 1.5mm
IS038-02 Screw Driver Slotted 2.0mm
IS038-03 Screw Driver Slotted 2.5mm
IS038-04 Screw Driver With Self Holding Sleeve 1.5mm
IS038-05 Screw Driver With Self Holding Sleeve 2.0mm
IS038-06 Screw Driver With Self Holding Sleeve 2.5mm
IS038-07 SS Drill Bit 1x75mm
IS038-08 SS Drill Bit 1.5x75mm
IS038-09 SS Drill Bit 2x75mm
IS038-10 TT Drill Bit 1x75mm
IS038-11 TT Drill Bit 1.5x75mm
IS038-12 TT Drill Bit 2x75mm
IS038-13 Depth Guage
IS038-14 Plate Bender With 3 Pins
IS038-15 Bending Plier
IS038-16 Bone Holding Forceps
IS038-17 Trocar With Sleeve
IS038-18 Screw Holding Forceps
IS038-19 Plate Holding Forceps
IS038-20 Hohmann Retractor 5mm
IS038-21 Plate Cutter
IS038-22 Wire Cutter
IS038-23 Plate Bender
IS038-24 Instrument Box