Instruments Set

Small Fragments Instruments Set Type II

Product Description

Code Name
IS022-01 Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide 2.5-3.5mm
IS022-02 Drill and Tap Sleeve Combine 2.5-3.5mm
IS022-03 Drill Bit 2.5X115mm
IS022-04 Bone Tap 3.5mmx1.25Pitch Cortex
IS022-05 Drill and Tap Sleeve Combine 3.0-4.0mm
IS022-06 Drill Bit 3.0X115mm
IS022-07 Bone Tap 4.0mm Cancellous
IS022-08 Bending Template 10-87mm
IS022-09 Bending Template 10-114mm
IS022-10 Anti-Slip Screw Extractor 2.5mm Hex
IS022-11 Screw Holding Forceps
IS022-12 Hollow Mill 6mm Head
IS022-13 Depth Guage
IS022-14 Screw Driver 2.5mm Tip
IS022-15 Small Plate Bender (Pair)
IS022-16 Periosteal Elevator Curved 9mm
IS022-17 Periosteal Elevator Curved 12mm
IS022-18 Hohmann Retractor 15mm
IS022-19 Counter Sink 6mm Head
IS022-20 Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps 190mm
IS022-21 Reduction Forceps Serrated - Speed Lock 170mm
IS022-22 Reduction Forceps Pointed - Ratchet Lock 200
IS022-23 Screw Tray
IS022-24 Instrument Box