Manufacturing Process


We have a advance engineering and production capabilities enable us to provide commutative and flexible solutions, at any phase of the design and manufacturing process

5- Axis Machining

Imagine having a medical device that is perfectly crafted with incredible precision and finish. At Samay Surgical, we use advanced milling machines that help us achieve just that. Our shorter cutting tools and higher cutting speeds allow for fewer vibrations, resulting in an exceptional surface finish and part quality. With probing and tool sensing units, we can guarantee faster setup times and unmatched accuracy.
Not only that, but we also have multiple 4 and 5-axis mills, ensuring that we can cater to every customer's unique needs. Our focus on precision and accuracy is unmatched, and we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products.

Laser Marking

At Samay Surgical, we understand the importance of clear and legible identification on Medical implantable device. That's why we have implemented a versatile process that encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies to produce precise and permanent marking on our parts.
One of the key benefits of our marking facility is its consistent repeatability. By ensuring that each part is marked in the same way every time, we can ensure that there are no errors or inconsistencies in the marking process. This is especially important when integrating identical marking into a production line, as it helps to streamline the process and minimize downtime.

CNC Swiss Turning

Our state-of-the-art Tsugami 7-axis Swiss turning centers allow us to tackle even the most complex parts with ease, holding tolerances of up to +/- .0001”. Our team of experts routinely performs a range of machining tasks, including turning, whirling of threads, micro hole drilling, milling, and slotting.
Our CNC Swiss turning machines are the leaders in precision medical device manufacturing for a reason. By using advanced technology, we can create more complex shapes in a shorter amount of time with unparalleled accuracy. From intricate surgical instruments to life-saving medical implants, we have the capabilities to bring your vision to life with precision and speed. Trust Samay Surgical for all of your precision machining needs.

Gun Drill

Gun drilling machines are the latest innovation in precision engineering, capable of drilling holes with extreme accuracy even at the most challenging depth-to-diameter ratios. Internal coolant and a unique groove in the tool make for a clean and accurate drilling process, ensuring that every hole is perfectly crafted.
With high-speed spindles and unparalleled accuracy capabilities, gun drilling machines can achieve tolerances required for high-precision applications such as bone screws and nailing systems. These machines are a game-changer in precision engineering, offering unprecedented levels of accuracy and precision.

CNC Machining

At Samay Surgical, we utilize advanced CNC machines to manufacture precision medical devices. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines offer unparalleled precision and accuracy, enabling us to create complex medical devices with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.
With our cutting-edge CNC technology, we are able to manufacture medical devices that meet the stringent standards of the healthcare industry. Our CNC machines can create intricate shapes and designs with utmost precision, resulting in high-quality medical devices that are safe, reliable, and effective.

In–House Tooling & CAD Tooling

We understand that creating custom medical parts requires unique tools and equipment, such as metal bending dies and fixtures. Unlike other who outsource their toolmaking and design, we believe in providing our customers with efficient and cost-effective solutions that don't delay their projects.
That's why we have a full-service machine shop that includes 2D and 3D simulation software, CNC, and VMC equipment. When a job requires custom production tooling, we design, manufacture, and debug the tool in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing and reducing the overall cost and time required to complete the project.


Imagine a rainbow of colors on your medical implants! With our cutting-edge anodizing machine, we can add a pop of color to your implants while still ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Titanium anodizing is perfect for orthopedics when color coding is needed to identify specific implants. Plus, we validate the anodizing process every 2 years to guarantee its effectiveness and safety. Trust us to provide not only high-quality medical implants but also a touch of personalization.

Centrifugal Disc

We understand that precision and quality are crucial when it comes to manufacturing medical devices. That's why we use the most effective methods for deburring and polishing, including centrifugal disc cleaning. This innovative technique involves placing the parts and media inside a drum, which forces the parts upward while the drum rotates. Unlike traditional methods, the continuous rolling and flowing of the parts is more delicate and allows for a smoother finish. This is particularly important when it comes to medical devices, as the surface finish can impact the device's performance and compatibility with the human body. Our commitment to using the latest techniques and equipment ensures that we produce high-quality medical devices that meet the most stringent standards.

Electro Polishing

Electro polishing is a process that smooths and streamlines the microscopic surfaces of a metal object by removing metal ion by ion. This method ensures that not too much metal is removed in any given place. By removing the outer skin of the metal, embedded contaminants that are often overlooked and can cause subsurface erosion are eliminated. This makes electro polishing an effective way to enhance the longevity and durability of medical devices.

Mechanical Buffing

At Samay Surgical, we understand that appearance matters in medical device manufacturing. That's why we have established various standard buffing processes to ensure that our products have a shiny, smooth, and deburr-free surface. Buffing involves cutting the surface of metal parts using a special grinding wheel or belt with abrasives, which effectively removes burrs, rust, scratches, weld scars, weld beads, and oxide scales. By improving the flatness of parts and eliminating macro defects, our buffing process enhances the appearance of our products, making them visually appealing and professional-looking.

Ultrasonic Surface cleaner

This machine utilizes the power of ultrasonic waves to clean and remove contaminants from the surface of our medical device components. The ultrasonic waves create microscopic bubbles that implode upon contact with the surface, producing a powerful scrubbing action. This method is much more effective and efficient than traditional cleaning methods and is perfect for delicate and intricate parts.
Our Ultrasonic Surface Cleaner is not only effective at removing debris and contaminants, but it is also gentle enough to protect the integrity of the parts being cleaned. This machine allows us to achieve a level of cleanliness and precision that is essential for medical device manufacturing.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a popular method for abrasive blasting, where a stream of abrasive media is propelled against a surface at high pressure. This process can be used to remove surface contaminants, shape a surface, roughen a smooth surface, or flatten a rough surface. Sandblasting machines are commonly used for these purposes, and they come in various types depending on the application. With the right equipment and expertise, sandblasting can be a highly effective surface preparation technique for medical device industries.

Laser Cutting

Precision is crucial when it comes to complex designs, especially in medical device manufacturing. That's why we trust our Laser Cutting Machine to deliver unparalleled accuracy in profile cutting. Our machine is specifically used for cutting the profile of bone plates from sheets, and can handle both Stainless Steels and Titanium materials with ease.