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Poly Axial Screw

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Poly Reduction Screw

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Orthopaedic spine implants

Samay Surgical manufactures a complete range of orthopaedic spine implants. Starting from the best quality spine screws to the spine plates, we have been manufacturing a wide variety of implants since years. We also manufacture one of the best spine peeks as well. Our main aim is to empower the spine surgeons to deliver highest quality care to the patients. With the help of our world-class spine implants, the spine surgeons are able to easily achieve their targets.

Orthopaedic spine implants are not only important for the surgeons, but they are extremely important for the patient as well. Therefore, they would like to choose only the best quality products. And, as Samay Surgical has been manufacturing first-rate products since its inception, therefore, the company has gained the trust of the surgeons and healthcare institutes across the world.

Here’s a complete list of orthopaedic spine implants that we manufacture:

→ Mono Axial Screw
→ Mono Reduction Screw
→ Poly Axial Screw
→ Poly Reduction Screw
→ Connecting Rod
→ Transverse Connector
→ Spine Screw Box
→ Spine Instruments

Two of the main implants are rods and screws. Connecting rods are used in several surgeries. With the help of the hooks, screws and the rods, the spinal surgeons stabilizes the spinal levels. The rods are used to correctly align the spinal cord. The rods manufactured by the company are extremely strong and flexible. The spine surgeons are able to shape the rod in the way that they want to match the contours of the spine.

Whereas, the screws enable the surgeons to connect the rod. Different type of screws are used by the spine surgeons to provide solid support, or the anchorage points. With the help of these points, the connecting rods are attached. Therefore, screws and rods are considered as two of the most important spine implants. And, Samay Surgical is known to manufacture the best quality screws and rods.

Why do we use spine implants?

There are several spine related health conditions and not all of them require surgeries, but in some cases, spine surgeries become extremely important. And, in most of the surgeries, spine implants are also required. Also, in most of the spinal surgical processes, spinal instruments and systems are used. Basically, the spine implants are needed to facilitate fusion. Also, in some cases implants are required to rectify a deformity or to stabilize the spine. Sometimes, spine surgeons prefer to use a spine implant to strengthen the spine as well.

Some of the cases that require spine surgeries and spine implants are, traumatic fracture, scoliosis, spinal cord tuberculosis, spondylolisthesis, chronic degenerative disc related illnesses and many more.

Why to choose Samay Surgical spine implants?

Samay Surgical is one of the leading orthopaedic spine implant manufacturers and exporters in the country. We have been manufacturing highest quality implants. Here’re a few of the reasons to choose our products:

→ We use the best metals for making the spine implants.
→ All our spine implants are made using either stainless steel, titanium or titanium-alloy
→ A few of the implants are made using non-metallic compounds. However, we use only the best quality products to make the implants.
→ We manufacture a wide range of implants of several shapes and sizes.
→ The surgeons would be able to accommodate diverse set of patients, with different illnesses.
→ We make implants for different types of issues.
→ Samay Surgical uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture the implants.
→ We have a world-class infrastructure that helps our experts to make the best implants.
→ Our in-house team of professionals is the backbone of our company.
→ Our experts believe in doing a comprehensive research before making topnotch products.
→ We constantly evolve and improve to manufacture better orthopaedic spine implants and other implants.

Choosing the best spine implant manufacturer can be a tough choice. However, the most important thing to consider while selecting the best manufacturer is the trustworthiness of the manufacturer. As, Samay Surgical has been there in the industry since quite a few years, therefore, we have established our name in the industry. Our topnotch quality products are preferred by most of the spine surgeons across the globe. Also, we keep upgrading and evolving our product range to meet the requirements of the surgeons.